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Seminar Topics

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A Story in the Threads: The Clothing of Enslaved Women in the Antebellum South

~Cheyney McKnight

What is the difference between the clothing of enslaved black women and free white women during the Antebellum period?

Discover what enslaved women were wearing and how their culture, circumstances and creativity impacted their clothing. Find out the clues left behind that help us to understand

what they were wearing

What You Have, Where You Are: Planning Civilian Events

~Betsy Connolly Watkins

Civilian-centric events are a wonderful way to interpret and explore the lives on those at home during the Civil War era. Yet so many would-be event organizers run into difficulties, especially around the resources on hand to plan local events. In this session we will explore ways to cultivate local resources and how to find those untapped treasures necessary for planning a civilian event. We will discuss how to gain inspiration for events, how to work within the possible limitations presented to you, and why it is important to plan events locally

– where you are, with what you have.

Second-Hand Plumage:

Used Clothing Trades in Mid-Century America
~Elizabeth Stewart Clark

We are not the first to recycle or upcycle! We'll take a look at the vast system of used clothing and related trades at mid-century, including the people involved, and how re-used or upcycled clothing might affect your household, your impression, and your interpretive work.

We'll focus on the expanding United States, and viewing our own wardrobe arrangements within a wider national and global context. This fast-paced overview is rich in inspiration for adapting and creating new impressions in multiple settings. Where do you fit in the grand life-cycle of a garment, both then and now?