About the House

Settled in 1785, this plot of land was the first to be explored by Europeans in the area. Construction of the current building finished in 1873. Named for Dr. Alfred Sawyer, the home was given to the city of Monroe in 1938. Over the years it fell into various states of disrepair; after renovations, a fire nearly destroyed the home in 2013. Today a dedicated group of individuals work diligently to restore the home to its former state.

Friday Night Soiree

at the Historic Sawyer House

Practice your Persona in the Parlor

Here visitors will be able to practice their impressions in a comfortable setting. Ken Giorlando will be available to help create the environment for an evening of fun and immersion!

We request your Presence...

As an attendee of The Citizen’s Forum of the 1860s, we invite you to a night of food, dancing, and general mirth at the Historic Sawyer House in Monroe. Period dress is encouraged, though it does not need to be formal. Show off your favorite mid-19th century ensemble and spend hours in polite company!

Enjoy a Taste of History

We will be providing a delicious selection of period fare throughout the evening. Get a taste of the 19th century with original recipes.

Experience Period Amusements

Come sit a spell as we play whist, checkers or simply catch up with friends and neighbors. There's no better place to catch up with friends, than in a beautiful historic home!